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Boston Upper Cervical Care at Seeds Of Hope Family Chiropractic

Blair Upper Cervical Technique

Dr. Spratt is the only chiropractor in Massachusetts qualified to perform the “Blair Upper Cervical Correction”. Blair upper cervical care is a unique system of finding and correcting nerve interference in the upper neck area. This is a highly important area of the spine as all nerve messages, between the brain and body, must pass through the upper cervical area.

A Common Problem

We utilize a series of specialized tests to confirm whether or not interference is present in each patient’s upper cervical region at the first visit. And more than 95% of people who visit Seeds Of Hope Family Chiropractic do have an upper cervical misalignment.

The upper cervical area of the spine is designed in such a way that it allows for a wide range of motion. Think of how much you can turn your head compared to other parts of your spine. The first two bones of the neck, the atlas and axis, move together and are not interlocked with any other bones that are adjacent to them.  They are held in place by muscles and ligaments.  The atlas supports the weight of the head which is approximately 10 to 13 pounds. Any imbalance in this area can cause the head to tilt. This is part of the reason why it is so common to see a misalignment in the upper cervical spine. Consider the following circumstances when thinking of possible causes of upper cervical misalignments:

  • the twisting motion infants undergo during natural childbirth, as the doctor attempts to turn the baby’s shoulders
  • childhood bumps and falls on the playground
  • every fender-bender you’ve been involved in
  • every time you’ve slipped on a wet floor and somehow caught yourself–or not!
  • athletic injuries you’ve sustained

Upper cervical misalignment is prevalent. And people can go years without seeing changes in the way their body feels, or in their overall health. Could it be possible your current health issue is a result of an upper cervical misalignment?

The Blair Technique Addresses the Problem

As the sole chiropractor in Massachusetts performing the Blair technique, Dr. Spratt is equipped to help you in your body’s natural healing process. The Blair technique involves:

  • Determination of an upper cervical misalignment through precise digital X-rays
  • Analysis of your X-rays to determine your unique structural pattern
  • A care plan developed to precisely address the misalignments measured in your X-rays
  • Corrections to your upper cervical region using very low force
  • No twisting, cracking or popping of your neck

The Blair technique tends to create lasting results. Corrections hold longer and when you are holding your correction your body is in healing mode.  “Holding is Healing.”

For more information on the Blair Technique, visit the Blair Website or check out the Upper Cervical Care website for more information on the uniqueness of Upper Cervical Care.

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