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Douglas Pediatric Chiropractic Care

pediatric chiropractic care

Douglas Pediatric Chiropractic

Most parents make sure their children have good dental hygiene and brush their teeth regularly.  They also have their eyes checked, why not their spines?

Why would I have my infant adjusted?

The birth process can be a traumatic event in the life of an infant. The twisting and pulling on the baby’s head and neck as they pass through the birth canal can often result in the child’s first misalignment. It often occurs in the upper cervical spine.

The reason that infants are checked at this early stage in their lives is to check for and correct any misalignments, and to ensure their nervous system is working at its best.

Children actively learning to walk, playing and participating in sports, often experience falls, jolts, slips and bumps, all of which may cause misalignments of the spinal column resulting in vertebral subluxations.  If left uncorrected, these subluxations may present challenges to your child’s ability to grow and develop in the healthiest manner possible.

What kind of conditions can chiropractic help my child with?

We’ve all heard the statement “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that’s one of the major goals of pediatric chiropractic care. Checking the spine regularly can help improve immune system function for the child, which will help to prevent or diminish the impact of common infections found in children.

How do you adjust an infant?

We don’t adjust children in the same way as we would adjust an adult.  The amount of force required to adjust a baby’s spine is about the amount of force required to check the ripeness of a tomato.  Using a fingertip with a gently pulsing pressure is often enough to adjust the spine of an infant.

A child’s spine is smaller and more delicate that an adult’s spine, so they receive adjustments that are specifically designed for them. Your child’s life is so precious.  Every child deserves a chance to grow up with the healthiest functioning nervous system possible.

Does it hurt?

Most babies really enjoy their adjustment.  Our approach is so gentle, most babies will smile and some even will sleep through their adjustment!

How often will I need to bring my child in?

Children don’t typically have the scar tissue and muscle rigidity that is found more often in adults, so their bodies tend to respond more quickly to care.  Dr. Michael Spratt will tailor your child’s care according to their specific needs.

Do you have financial plans?

We will look at the entire family’s care needs and come up with a financial plan that will work for everyone and make it affordable. Chiropractic spinal checks make sense.  They are safe and affordable.

Interested in having your child checked for a misalignment? Contact our Douglas Chiropractic office today!

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