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Our Chiropractic Techniques

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Gentle and effective chiropractic care in Douglas

Advanced Care with a Gentle Approach

Dr. Spratt uses two types of adjusting techniques in his office; Blair Upper Cervical and Activator Methods®

His approach is to correct the upper cervical region first-meaning that he will wait until your upper cervical spine is stabilized and “holding an adjustment” – before moving on to address any other subluxations in your spine.

Dr. Spratt has also earned “advanced proficiency” in Activator methods. This technique uses a hand held instrument to deliver a specific, consistent and low force adjustment. This highly researched technique is the choice of many doctors to accurately and precisely pinpoint and correct misalignments in the spine and also extremities (i.e. shoulders, hands, knees etc.). Before adjusting, the doctor conducts neurological tests on each segment of the spine. After the patient has been adjusted, the same tests are performed again to confirm if the misalignments have been successfully removed. Many people, young and old, enjoy this type of adjusting as it is very gentle, safe and effective.

How Upper Cervical Care is Different

Because the field requires rigorous training, there are only an estimated 1200 doctors qualified to provide upper cervical care.

The intent is not to make a correction on every visit but rather to make a correction and have it hold for an extended period of time, thus allowing the body to heal itself. We emphasize the prevention rather than the treatment of disease.

“Rather than focusing on adjusting where the pain is located , we focus on getting back to where the epicenter is.” Dr. Tom Forest

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