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Patient Testimonials

Very Pleased With My Results

I starting seeing doctor Spratt in September of 2016. I had been diagnoised with Meniere’s. During this time I would have many episodes of dizziness, spinning and nausea. I started with 3 appointments a week and then 2 and now I am at 1 a week. As of December 1st I have had no episodes. I have been very pleased with my results. Hoping it will continue.

Janice M.

Medical Professional

My treatments are progressing very well and Dr. Spratt is everything I have ever wanted in and from medical professionals.

Donald G.

Very Thorough

My overall experience has been very good, Dr Spratt is very thorough, and takes his time. Recently my 2 1/2 year old son began care due to his chronic ear infections, we are very hopeful to see improvement, and Dr. Spratt has had tremendous patience with him. We are very pleased!

Lea M.

The Best

Dr. Michael Spratt is the best!

Anne Marie R.

Excellent Doctor

The doctor is excellent and extremely talented at his trade!

Kevin M.

A Life Filled With Wellness

I feel that the Blair method of chiropractic is one that not only makes sense to me but you will have results. As long as you put in the time, follow the protocols and understand it takes time, there is help to live a healthy and productive life. A life filled with wellness.

Kate S.

Committed To Helping Others

I would recommend Dr. Spratt to all my family and friends. He is committed to helping people and he is one of the kindest and caring doctors I have ever met. I personally, have been a very challenging patient, and he has helped me through many problems I have had. I feel very lucky to have found him.

Pam M.